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Work Sample


As a landscape architecture student at Cal Poly Pomona, I had the opportunity to work on a project that would make a difference in the city of Covina, California.

we undertook the responsibility of orchestrating an engaging activity for the students by visiting the school. This involved not only conceptualizing and executing a stimulating program for the children but also establishing connections with the school principal to ensure alignment with the educational environment.

Experience the beauty of nature with our stunning landscape design for a retail store. Our watercolor trees provide a refreshing backdrop to the bustling activity of shoppers and create a serene atmosphere for visitors to enjoy. The store will be perfect when it is completed with people to enjoy it.

As a landscape architect, I am constantly inspired by the natural beauty around us. One evening, while on a picnic near the beach, I stumbled upon a breathtaking hill with lush green grass and an unbeatable view of the sunset over the ocean.

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